Denim with a Twist

Now that winter will soon be over, I am pretty sure that you have also started going through your stuff, looking for outfits that you can mix and match. One of them would be your favorite pair of denim shorts to wear. If that is not you, I guess that’s me then.

The thought of being able to show off those toned legs yet again is really something to look forward to however, your regular denim shorts might need a serious reinvention as the fashion world has recreated your favorite pair to add more glam and spunk to it.

It seems I have been seeing a lot of shorts being glammed out. Studded shorts are the latest fashion trend to invade every retail store this season. I did a studded shorts search on the shopping app resultly and got a ton of results. Check them out here.

Some of you might say that this trend is not for you because it might too flashy or too punk for you when you really are not a fan of that music. Don’t close your doors just yet. What about reading this article from Diva Village. The writer has given tips on how you can rock the studded shorts even if you are not a punk music fan.

You do not need to be a hard-core metal music fan to like this style. I don’t think the music was even the inspiration for this look. However, if you are still worried that you will not be able to carry this with enough flair, why not start off just having studs on the lining of your pockets like this short worn by Kylie Jenner.

studded shorts

She paired it off with a cropped shirt, a very high ponytail and sling bag. The ensemble is actually a bit bland but the studs on her shorts gave the outfit an edge.

If you think you can now wear more studs, try out this Topshop studded shorts.
It can be paired with a cropped top or a shirt that is tucked in. It is important to show off the studs because what is the point of wearing one if you do not flaunt it right?

studded shorts

Now, don’t fret if you do not have the legs for this short. You can wear a pair of stockings underneath or tights and finish off your look by wearing your sneakers or oxford shoes (if you end up wearing it with stockings).

Another dilemma you might have is, you have invested in a few pairs of denim shorts back then and do not want them to be put to waste. If you have a pile, why not try studding your shorts yourself? I have found this video in Youtube giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to get it done, check it out here:

Believe me, your shorts will never be the same again.