My Crazy Adventure in Platform Booties

The other night I went out in my brand new platform booties. I have been looking for this exact pair for months and I finally found them!! They are one of my favorite brands, Elizabeth and James, and they are furry, black, and perfect. Here’s a link to the shoes if you are looking for a pair:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.57.53 PM

As you can see they are black lace up, with a medium size heel, but a little bit of a platform to even everything out. And look at that fur- it keeps your ankle super warm if you’re wondering. Anyway, lets get to the good part of my story (besides showing you these fabulous platform booties).  So, the other night, (I believe it was a Friday), I was out for one of my best friends birthday’s. We probably spent a few hours getting ready/ drinking wine/ dancing to music. Well the outfit and makeup took a while, but I knew exactly which booties to wear!

We ended up going to our favorite restaurant for dinner and then headed to my friend’s favorite bar after- no other than Brother’s. They have a Brother’s around every campus in the midwest. We were having such a good time in the bar. All our friends from the theatre department ended up making their way over once their auditions were over. The night started to get a little messy when one of my friends went overboard with her drinks. She asked a janitor who worked at the bar to get a her a drink. When he refused she burst into tears and asked him if it was because she was too young. He simply explained that he was a janitor and was not legally able to serve anyone drinks. In her drunken stooper she believed this to be him rejecting her because she looked too young (even though she was of age). And she continued to sob as we were trying to helplessly comfort her.

As the night moved on my friends started to slowly disperse in small groups. And of course, some drunk frat boy ended up spilling his drink all over my new platform booties!! The fur was stained with this gross blue concoction. I was so infuriated that I wanted to go back home. It was already the end of the night pretty much so I decided it was time to go anyway.

As I was making my way home, more like racing back home, I accidentally slipped in the snow. At least the snow was soft, but I slid my entire hand against the brick wall to try to catch my fall. My hand was a little bloody, but nothing serious. As I was trying to get up this cute boy came up to me and helped me up, and even walked me home- and we are now dating :)

As for the shoes, I was able to get them fixed, but I decided to buy some more sturdy shoes for the winter. Here’s an adorable pair that i just bought from Bloomingdales.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.56.06 PM

I love these boots because they are super stylish, but VERY sturdy. Trust me, I tested these out and they are definitely snow/weather/slip proof. I also found some other great snow-proof and cute booties here!