Leather dress biddies

Yo, yo, yo, what up ladies! T-bone here. First off I want to give a shout to my boy Mo for letting me chill here. Sports’s cool and all, but for reals. Okay so why am I writing this? Cuz I’m here to tell you ladies whats up. LEATHER DRESSES. Damn, yous look hot when you wear them. Can I get a holla for a player? Keep on keeping on that that. I mean look.

leather dress

She looks fine! If you want to get my attention leather dresses are where its at. I dude, and I like fashion so I know what I’m talking about ladies. Just keep on wearing that leather.  So sexy!

Here is the part where I tell you a good place to shop for leather dresses. Its called resultly, and they have tons!!!!!!!!! So like go buy one and where it out to the club.

So one time I saw this hot little biddy who was looking hella fine in a leather dress. Like she had the face of an angel, and that sweet sweet body was banging in her tight leather dress. Like straight up dime piece. Real quality hottie. I totally got her attention and we danced, as you do at a club. Man, she could move.  You know what I mean, I showed off my sweet dancing skills. Them other girls at the club were okay, but none of them were wearing leather dresses. I guess thats what her stand out so much.

The club is banging,  you need to go to a club. I always yelp it. that shit is always right! As I was sayin this girl was hella fine. I asked her name, and she said Issa. Damn, how exotic. What a fine name for a fine lady right? Well Issa had some friends who were also hell a fine. All of them were wearing leather dresses. Thats weird right bro? But they all looking smoking so whatever. I partied the entire night with Issa and her hot friends.

Mo, I win. My life is cooler than yours so you owe me. I won the bet I had a better night. Sorry boi but you lose. So now you owe me taco bell and I’m getting a crunch wrap supreme and doritos locos tacos.

So ladies, keep on wearing thos sexy leather dresses. I’m about to be out. Time for so FREE taco bell. Hit me up if you want some since I’m not buying. Wish I felt bad Mo, but yous about to spend all your monies on taco bell for me and the ladies in leather!

T-Bone out!