Flowers to go

As what Project Runway host and well known model Ms. Heidi Klum always says “As you know in fashion, one day you are in– the next day you are out”. It is very much the same with today’s fashion, a trendy item may either be a Fashion or just another Fad sometimes it’s hard to determine which one is which especially if you are just new in the fashion world. Here are some few tips how to spot a trendy item, spotting an item twice or thrice on different places used by different people may be a coincidence. But once you see them being worn by two to three big celebrities or fashion icons, you have seen them being available or being highlighted on two, three or more fashion brands, fashion stores or online markets or stores you are real sure that that item is the “hot cake” or the trending item! Like the trend of floral backpack, it did not take me a lot of time to notice that this is next big thing. Finally, a fashion trend that you can take with you on a hike! Perfect, sporty and flirty.

I am browsing my favorite app, Resultly. The bag is now available on many fashion brands, to name some are brands such as Jansport, Victoria’s Secret and Hollister. They are offering them with variety of structures, colors and designs. Find something that suites your style and personality, they are also offering them in wide price ranges where you can find a perfect bag that suits your budget. Here are some of my favorites.

floral backpack floral backpack

We have always known that printed and patterned shoulder bags, messengers bags, bowling bags, doctor’s bag, tote bags, clutch bags, gym bags and all the kinds of bags have always been a part of fashion dating back many years or decades ago, but they are making their way again to the fashion scenes. Well known fashion designers and artists have taken a different way – a way beyond their traditional floral designs, traditional stripes, traditional checkered patterns and other patterns or shapes to give today’s generation a variety of bag choices that will provide an edgier and more unique fashion approach on bags. They have been experimenting with different patterns of stripes, floral, aztec, camouflage and all other patterns for many seasons each year, and each of their design continues to get their own spotlight in the fashion scene.

floral backpack

This upcoming spring/summer is the most perfect time to march a little bit out of our comfort zones; you can be inspired with these bags from some of the well known fashion brands from Stella Mc Cartney and Betsy Johnson.