My Crazy Adventure in Platform Booties

The other night I went out in my brand new platform booties. I have been looking for this exact pair for months and I finally found them!! They are one of my favorite brands, Elizabeth and James, and they are furry, black, and perfect. Here’s a link to the shoes if you are looking for a pair:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.57.53 PM

As you can see they are black lace up, with a medium size heel, but a little bit of a platform to even everything out. And look at that fur- it keeps your ankle super warm if you’re wondering. Anyway, lets get to the good part of my story (besides showing you these fabulous platform booties).  So, the other night, (I believe it was a Friday), I was out for one of my best friends birthday’s. We probably spent a few hours getting ready/ drinking wine/ dancing to music. Well the outfit and makeup took a while, but I knew exactly which booties to wear!

We ended up going to our favorite restaurant for dinner and then headed to my friend’s favorite bar after- no other than Brother’s. They have a Brother’s around every campus in the midwest. We were having such a good time in the bar. All our friends from the theatre department ended up making their way over once their auditions were over. The night started to get a little messy when one of my friends went overboard with her drinks. She asked a janitor who worked at the bar to get a her a drink. When he refused she burst into tears and asked him if it was because she was too young. He simply explained that he was a janitor and was not legally able to serve anyone drinks. In her drunken stooper she believed this to be him rejecting her because she looked too young (even though she was of age). And she continued to sob as we were trying to helplessly comfort her.

As the night moved on my friends started to slowly disperse in small groups. And of course, some drunk frat boy ended up spilling his drink all over my new platform booties!! The fur was stained with this gross blue concoction. I was so infuriated that I wanted to go back home. It was already the end of the night pretty much so I decided it was time to go anyway.

As I was making my way home, more like racing back home, I accidentally slipped in the snow. At least the snow was soft, but I slid my entire hand against the brick wall to try to catch my fall. My hand was a little bloody, but nothing serious. As I was trying to get up this cute boy came up to me and helped me up, and even walked me home- and we are now dating :)

As for the shoes, I was able to get them fixed, but I decided to buy some more sturdy shoes for the winter. Here’s an adorable pair that i just bought from Bloomingdales.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.56.06 PM

I love these boots because they are super stylish, but VERY sturdy. Trust me, I tested these out and they are definitely snow/weather/slip proof. I also found some other great snow-proof and cute booties here!

Leather dress biddies

Yo, yo, yo, what up ladies! T-bone here. First off I want to give a shout to my boy Mo for letting me chill here. Sports’s cool and all, but for reals. Okay so why am I writing this? Cuz I’m here to tell you ladies whats up. LEATHER DRESSES. Damn, yous look hot when you wear them. Can I get a holla for a player? Keep on keeping on that that. I mean look.

leather dress

She looks fine! If you want to get my attention leather dresses are where its at. I dude, and I like fashion so I know what I’m talking about ladies. Just keep on wearing that leather.  So sexy!

Here is the part where I tell you a good place to shop for leather dresses. Its called resultly, and they have tons!!!!!!!!! So like go buy one and where it out to the club.

So one time I saw this hot little biddy who was looking hella fine in a leather dress. Like she had the face of an angel, and that sweet sweet body was banging in her tight leather dress. Like straight up dime piece. Real quality hottie. I totally got her attention and we danced, as you do at a club. Man, she could move.  You know what I mean, I showed off my sweet dancing skills. Them other girls at the club were okay, but none of them were wearing leather dresses. I guess thats what her stand out so much.

The club is banging,  you need to go to a club. I always yelp it. that shit is always right! As I was sayin this girl was hella fine. I asked her name, and she said Issa. Damn, how exotic. What a fine name for a fine lady right? Well Issa had some friends who were also hell a fine. All of them were wearing leather dresses. Thats weird right bro? But they all looking smoking so whatever. I partied the entire night with Issa and her hot friends.

Mo, I win. My life is cooler than yours so you owe me. I won the bet I had a better night. Sorry boi but you lose. So now you owe me taco bell and I’m getting a crunch wrap supreme and doritos locos tacos.

So ladies, keep on wearing thos sexy leather dresses. I’m about to be out. Time for so FREE taco bell. Hit me up if you want some since I’m not buying. Wish I felt bad Mo, but yous about to spend all your monies on taco bell for me and the ladies in leather!

T-Bone out!

Flowers to go

As what Project Runway host and well known model Ms. Heidi Klum always says “As you know in fashion, one day you are in– the next day you are out”. It is very much the same with today’s fashion, a trendy item may either be a Fashion or just another Fad sometimes it’s hard to determine which one is which especially if you are just new in the fashion world. Here are some few tips how to spot a trendy item, spotting an item twice or thrice on different places used by different people may be a coincidence. But once you see them being worn by two to three big celebrities or fashion icons, you have seen them being available or being highlighted on two, three or more fashion brands, fashion stores or online markets or stores you are real sure that that item is the “hot cake” or the trending item! Like the trend of floral backpack, it did not take me a lot of time to notice that this is next big thing. Finally, a fashion trend that you can take with you on a hike! Perfect, sporty and flirty.

I am browsing my favorite app, Resultly. The bag is now available on many fashion brands, to name some are brands such as Jansport, Victoria’s Secret and Hollister. They are offering them with variety of structures, colors and designs. Find something that suites your style and personality, they are also offering them in wide price ranges where you can find a perfect bag that suits your budget. Here are some of my favorites.

floral backpack floral backpack

We have always known that printed and patterned shoulder bags, messengers bags, bowling bags, doctor’s bag, tote bags, clutch bags, gym bags and all the kinds of bags have always been a part of fashion dating back many years or decades ago, but they are making their way again to the fashion scenes. Well known fashion designers and artists have taken a different way – a way beyond their traditional floral designs, traditional stripes, traditional checkered patterns and other patterns or shapes to give today’s generation a variety of bag choices that will provide an edgier and more unique fashion approach on bags. They have been experimenting with different patterns of stripes, floral, aztec, camouflage and all other patterns for many seasons each year, and each of their design continues to get their own spotlight in the fashion scene.

floral backpack

This upcoming spring/summer is the most perfect time to march a little bit out of our comfort zones; you can be inspired with these bags from some of the well known fashion brands from Stella Mc Cartney and Betsy Johnson.

Flatform Sandals

Yo, have you heard of flatform sandals? Well, you are about to. These sweet kicks will add some major flavor to your style. It is time to have some fun with your wardrobe. From bright colors to funky designs I’ve got you covered. They are surprisingly comfortable too. Perfect for recreational activities while looking good. Flatform sandals are where its at. Get on board with this crazy trend or you’ll be left behind.

I found a sick site to search all sorts or flatform sandals. It is called Resultly and I’m supes into it. Just like yeah, so many great search results from so many sweet stores. Check them out here: Check out my picks below. You will thank me later. Even if you don’t its cool because I know I am helping you. Yeah. Peace.

Satin Flatform Sandals

satin flatform sandals

Add some major height to your look with these killer satin flatform sandals from Forever 21. They have a huge selection. request_type=search&search_type=keyword&q=flatfrom%20sandals&l=flatfrom%20sandals, but I’m really loving these blue blue and black ones. I can’t get over how cool these would look with a mini skirt. These will for sure cause quite the commotion when you wear them. Perfect for the sexy sedgy girl.

Leather Flatform Sandals

flatform sandals

Ahhhhh! These flatform sandals are sweet. That green heel is killer and I’m obsessed with them. These sick kicks are from East Dane. Love them. Need them now. I would totally rock these with black skinny jeans or even light washed skinnies. They will totally complte my wardrope. Okay, well not complete, but you know they will be a great addition. I just can’t wait to wear them. LOVE!!!!

Metallic Flatform Sandals

metallic flatfrom sandals

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH they are so coooool. They look super space age and modern. How cool. Like I don’t know how I would wear them but I totally would. Maybe with a white mini skirt or denim shorts. They are from ASOS, which also by the way has a great selection. Totally found these on resultly though. Do you think they would look good with jeans? maybe a dress? I cold totally rock these with a black dress. I still can’t even right now. These kicks are just so SICK. I MEAN KILLER. I’ve died and gone to shoe heaven. You know what they say “All shoes go to heaven.” Or was that dogs. I think that is a movie “All Dogs Go to Heaven” pretty sure it is.

Well that was a fun little  tangent, but I think one thing is clear, flatfrom sandals are the shit. They are just to legit to quit. So yeah. Peace and love.